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At Dentalit we take care of your oral health. from your childrens first dental check-up, to a complete prosthesis service for the eldest members of the family. We work together with several doctors specializing in different medical specialties in order to offer a complete odontological service. We use a wide range of medical techniques to help our patients in all their dental needs.

Our team of specialised doctors working in the Clinic chooses the treatment that best suits each patient, using scientifically approved criteria and applying them for the patients benefit.

This way, we have treatments for almost every dental subspecialty: conservative and root canal treatments, cleaning and periodontics, aesthetic odontology, all kind of prosthesis, implants, orthodontics, among others.

Odontología para toda la familia, Tenerife

Our services

Conservative dentistry

Il focus di questo campo di odontoiatria è verso la conservazione dei denti in bocca cercando di evitare l'estrazione.


When teeth are missing in the mouth, although nothing is noticed, the oral function is seriously affected, and partly also the aesthetics.

Oral surgery

When the damage that the dental piece has suffered is irrecoverable, and as a last option, the extraction is carried out.

Dental hygiene

Our treatments would not have the longevity they deserve without a good elimination of the oral bacterial plaque.


Currently, dental implants help us with great reliability in the replacement of missing teeth.


The objective of our specialist in charge of orthodontic treatments is to place the teeth in a harmonious way in the mouth

With our Dental Travel service, we organize your stay in Tenerife

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