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If you come on vacations or if you remain some time in the island, we can organize a stay near our clinic in best Hotel of the area or renting an apartment.
Without any commitment we will make a free estimate.

If you prefer to request an estimate from your country, you can send us via email a scanned xray digital panoramic and send it by electronic mail: infodentalit@gmail.com It is also possible to send it to us via mail with certification.

Available FREE service of Transfer from your house or Hotel to our dental clinic.

Tenerife Eternal spring

The exceptional climate of the Canary Islands guarantees a pleasant holiday at any time of the year. The islands are located in the subtropical, temperate zone of the planet. Tenerife also benefits from the refreshing cool Canarian Current and the constant Trade Winds, which help maintain an average temperature of 20ºC in winter and 25ºC in summer..

El Teide

El Teide, Dental Travel Tenerife

Golf en Tenerife

Golf en Tenerife, Dental travel Dentalit

Playa San Juan

Playa San Juan, Dental travel Tenerife Dentalit
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